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Canned Abalone

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Canned Abalone  


Wando Abalone Co., Ltd., selected by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, specializes in the distribution and processing of farm-raised abalone products. The company was jointly founded by 1,200 fishermen in Wando that is a home to more than 80% of Korea’s farmed abalones and Wando County (local government) in South Jeolla Province, who are both also major shareholders. 






Wanjeonbok and Wanjeonbok S, made by traditional method of cleaning with pure salt only Harvested directly from Wando, scent and taste of abalones are preserved with low temperature cooking process. Then, they are sterilized to preserve the scent and taste of abalones as much as possible. It is a canned product with 2 years of shelf-life, so long preservation is possible. 


As one of the products of Wando Abalone Co., Ltd., Wanjeonbok S and Wanjeonbok are the soup boiled with abalones in the palace during the Joseon Dynasty, which originated from Chubok Tang or abalone soup. Since they were only used in the palace, they don’t appear in the cookbooks recorded by commoners, and currently, regular households rarely make them. 


For Wanjeonbok S and Wanjeonbok products, slide the knife under the abalone meat to separate them from the shell, and then cut out the intestines, rub with salt to cleanly rinse them, and pour water to the abalones to cook. Then, just using the abalone meat, mix with basic seasoning water to boil in hot temperature until the soup becomes milky and abalone becomes soft. It is a product that is basic to Chubok Tang (abalone soup). 


In the Encyclopedia of Korean Culture, it is recorded, “Jeonbok is shellfish type with special taste, so to express that taste it is good to not add other foods or seasoning, but simmer only the abalones.” In the royal banquet during the Joseon Dynasty, until 1877, aged chicken, eggs, water dropwort, pine nuts, and other ingredients were added to the Chubok Tang (abalone soup), and was seasoned with soy sauce, ground pepper, sesame, salt and other seasonings. From 1892, sea cucumbers, shiitake mushrooms, water dropwort, eggs, pine nuts, beef, and beef intestines and bones were added and boil the soup thickly, and the wheat flour was added before enjoying. 


Wanjeonbok S and Wanjeonbok products are luxurious food ingredients, which can recreate traditional foods that are being forgotten such as Chubok Tang (abalone soup), and they are traditional type wellbeing products, which can be used for various foods other than Chubok Tang (abalone soup).




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Canned Abalone